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art ex machina manifesto

/imagine :: Scientists have uploaded the collective imagination of humanity to the strange new supercomputer at the end of the time which is remixing it and giving it back to us on a platter.

Today we are on the precipice of a technologicial revolutionary that threatens to upturn the status quo of our world. It also offers us a new way to think about how we perceive work, industry, culture – and now – even art. The advent of artificial intelligence neural network image generation has arrived. The technology raises many questions. It stirs primal angst. Existential dread. Curious wonder. Creative potential.

/imagine :: no one knows the future.

After decades of experiments in artificial intelligence, the engineers of silicon have methodically taught our machines how to recognise objects,landscapes, animals, textures, anatomy, physics and the riddle of language. But that’s not all; they have taught them to recognise individual artistic styles, photographic techniques, composition and colour theory. They have taught the mechanics of art itself.

We stand upon the shoulders of giants, those artistic visionaries who pioneered the language of the soul which became the history of images we call art.

This book is dedicated to these icons of the imagination, all of those who came before, who shared their creative inspiration and expanded the visual repertoire of our species. The infinite plane of creativity that we simply call “art”.


art ex machina

    printed volumes

    Art Ex Machina is the FIRST AI Art Anthology in Volumes as Quarterly Collection of Sequential Art collaborations between Visual Artists, Writers, Creators and Artificial Intelligence, to picture the Art Momentum, that We, the imagineers, are experiencing.
    Analyzing each angle, each point of view to potray the artistic revolution of this revolutionary NEW MEDIA.

    digital exhibitions

    Art Ex Machina hosts Digital & AI Generated Art Exhibitions, Collective, personal artshows and Multimedia Events inside Our Immersive VR Art GALLERY.


    crossmedia lab

    Art Ex Machina Printed volumes & Digital exhibitions are created by Art Ex Machina Imagineers Community,  A community for Creator with different opinions, uses, styles featuing exclusive online contents, workshops and crossmedia community projects.

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